Building A Sustainable Caribbean


At GeoComb Bahamas Ltd it is our commitment to put people first and to provide practical, healthy and safe living conditions.  We take pleasure, pride and passion in bringing restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation to all Caribbean nations that have suffered through any natural devastation. Our intention is to bring relief to those nations through our Caribbean Sustainable Living Initiative. We believe that after any natural disaster the road to recovery for any nation should not be complicated. Our service and systems are seamless and most of all budget friendly.


Abaco devastation aerial view.

Hurricane Dorian, the second largest hurricane to ever be recorded, and the largest hurricane to ever make land fall, smashed the Bahamas. It left 77,000 Bahamians homeless, without electricity, power, clean drinking water, food, and clothes. And it left the government of the Bahamas with the responsibility to put a broken nation together

Sustainable Living Made Easy


GeoComb Bahamas Ltd was created as a sustainable living supply company that will provide portable homes with solar power option, portable water filtration system, and commodities. Both our portable homes and portable water filtration systems will be durable, lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble for transport. GeoComb Bahamas Ltd is spear headed by Lynette and Jetadiah Bonaby of Nassau, a dynamic husband and wife team in collaboration with Partner, James Spitzer.


Create a cozy getaway!

Make it simple for a fast and elegant refuge.

This sets up quickly - then it can be taken down for a storm and secured in our shipping containers, and then returned to you when things clear up. Or, bolted to a foundation these become Hurricane Resistant Shelter.


Tiny House
Modular Home
Backyard ADU

This new kind of building method makes it simple. Design and build a beautiful backyard workspace, ADU, or full home. Reduce the mess and hassle! Each hexagonal unit sets up in a few hours. It takes few tools or skills using this interlocking honeycomb system. Platforms, walls, and roof sections lock together like cells in a honeycomb so it scales up fast to produce larger spaces. Connect them and chain them as desired for a home or for creating entire instant villages.Reduce your ADU planning and construction pains with these CA and FL State and HUD Certified products. An expedited permit is available in many jurisdictions.

Yoga Studio
Instant Refuge
Weekend Cabin

It's perfect for your backyard privacy or yoga refuge. One unit needs no permit in most locations. Pack it up and take it with you when you go. It's your minimalist solution, or a dream home. It can be disassembled, flat packed, and stored. Load it into a medium box truck or trailer for a seasonal retreat center, secure temporary shelter for booths, lodging, and all-weather event production. It is weather sealed and cozy without caulking, painting or nailing. Each piece is small enough for two people to carry through a nornal door or up a hill.

Easy and Fast to Set Up,
Remodel, and Transport!

    The Rapid Shelter System



Practical. At just under 120 sq. feet a single unit is the ideal "utility structure" for privacy, a studio, yoga or gardening. For full residential use a choice of components can be included into your home to build the size you want now, and can be changed or enlarged at any time with ease. Multiple "cells" interlock into a wide variety of arrangements to form larger homes so that plans, permits, and installation are nearly painless!

Affordable.  Order with materials and features for whatever your dreams and budget require. Modular components can be added as your budget grows. Building expenses are minimal for a single free standing unit, and just a fraction of the usual cost for a fully permitted larger installation. We will be offering a "rent to own" contract in the future.

Transportable.  All parts are very light weight and easy to transport. Each can be carried by two people to remote locations and through doors or gates, then packed up again to take anywhere and set up with ease.

Sustainable.  Wise sourcing and methods can support the long term needs of individuals, communities and the planet. We want to make it easy to set up off-the-grid organic renewable units and communities by bringing it all together in one place. Simply customize your GeoComb Homes Kit with options for things like renewable energy, garden and irrigation, and greywater to fulfil your off-grid vision. We've done the research and source-finding. GeoComb Homes can be installed with minimal habitat impact above ground, or with standard foundations. We will use our buying power to help jumpstart and develop the new generation of alternatives including hemp fiber and mineral based materials industries


Build Resilient with a GEOCOMB Home.

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We will soon offer a full spectrum tool kit that will empower you to live Earth Friendly right now. Choosing to create an off-grid, low impact lifestyle can be simple. It can be fast. That is our Vision.

We've created GeoComb Homes to be an accelerator for affordable and sustainable self-sufficiency by finding ways to make it easy to take steps toward simply living. "If only there were a way..."

A smart future is ours to choose.



Images of our products are computer generated except: The Prototype.