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GeoComb Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), are self-contained, smaller living units on the lot of a single-family home.They can be separate like a "granny flat" or attached to the primary house, such as an above-the-garage type, or a basement unit. A GeoComb ADU is an easy way for homeowners to create quality large or small living space for additional family, rental income, or an additional cottage for private home and hospice care. GeoComb offers the kind of flexibility that is becoming imperative in today’s world to accommodate fluctuating work schedules, economic swings, and alternative living arrangements, even home isolation and quarantine.

Many people with a home and a yard are finding the bills and mortgage too often still a stretch. You may want to install some additional living space under the local ADU provisions, but that usually means you face a long and stressful process with an Architect, permits, and unpredictable cost estimates. That's usually followed by the long, messy construction process. The result is a product that is expensive to build, expand, or alter. And of course, it's impossible to sell it separately or move it later if desired.

It's easy and fast to build a GeoComb ADU.

By choosing a Certified GeoComb Home you can usually sail through the permits and the construction headache. Install a beautiful and customized set of components that can be altered at will. It can even be removed completely intact and relocated or sold. We work with your local contractor to help you set up the utilities for your GeoComb ADU. We can help you find one, too.

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Building codes vary with each municipality.

GeoComb Homes will provide  plans and engineering documents needed to help your Contractor get the building permit from your local Building Department. You and your Contractor must verify compliance with the plans and local codes before installing any ADU. We are designing GeoComb Homes to be available with Certified Factory Built Housing and HUD Certified Manufactured Home tags. These components are Third Party "pre-inspected" during fabrication. This means that the ordeal of having multiple inspectors and tradespeople passing through your property for months is usually reduced to a site preparation inspection, installation, and then the final move-in Inspection. Site preparation and Installation can usually be completed within 1 - 3 weeks in many cases. Site work is simplified by using anchor-point templates that locate your installation accurately.

Some local Planning Departments like Santa Barbara, CA have been eager to work with us. It helps them to offer expedited permit processing for 3rd Party Inspected modular systems like GeoComb Homes. We will work directly with you, your Contractor, and local Building Department to make your installation as painless and economical as possible. This process helps create a shorter timeline and lowers your project impact  You will also be helping your City, County, and State meet their approaching affordable housing density mandates by installing a GeoComb ADU.

Santa Monica, California says:
The State of California adopted State Assembly Bill 2299 in 2016 which recently
became effective and eased restrictions on the development of Accessory Dwelling
Units (ADUs). The standards for ADUs in the City’s Zoning Ordinance were recently
amended to be consistent with the recent changes to State law.

What’s new with the revised ADU regulations?

The main changes to the standards include the replacement of the existing “Second
Dwelling Unit” terminology to “Accessory Dwelling Unit”, a reduction of parking
requirements for ADUs, and the ability to convert existing garages and accessory
buildings to ADUs. The set back and other permit hurdles have been eased or eliminated im many areas.

Are ADUs allowed in both Single-Unit and Multi-Unit Residential districts?

Yes. Only one ADU may be located on a parcel with another primary, single-unit

What is the maximum size allowed for an ADU?

The maximum allowable size for an ADU can be about 650 square feet. The ADU counts
towards the maximum allowable parcel coverage for a property.

Are setbacks required for the conversion of an existing garage to an ADU?


Can an ADU be two-stories in height?

Yes. The second story of a new detached ADU is limited to a maximum size of 250
square feet, requires five-foot side and rear setbacks, and is subject to applicable
development standards for two-story accessory buildings [SMMC Section 9.21.020(D)].
No setbacks are required when existing space above a garage (e.g. office, game room,
etc.) is converted.

Is parking required for ADUs?

While the revised standards require one new parking space for any new ADU, parking is
not required if the ADU meets certain conditions. One such condition is that if an ADU is
located within a half mile from public transit, parking is not required for the ADU. All
parcels within the City of Santa Monica are located within a half mile of public transit;
therefore, parking for new ADUs is not required.

If a garage is converted to an ADU, does the garage parking need to be replaced?

Yes, if the garage was constructed as required parking for the single-unit dwelling, the
garage parking spaces are required to be replaced. The replacement parking is subject
to the standards of SMMC Chapter 9.28 including location requirements (e.g., located in
the rear half of the parcel in Single-Unit Residential districts). However, the replacement
parking may be located in any configuration on the same lot as the ADU including, but
not limited to, as covered spaces, uncovered spaces, tandem spaces, or by the use of
mechanical automobile lifts.

Is the property owner required to occupy either the primary residence or ADU?

Yes, either the primary Single-Unit Dwelling or the ADU must be owner-occupied.

Can an ADU be rented?

Either the primary Single-Unit Dwelling or the ADU may be rented, but both may not be
rented at the same time.

Can an ADU be offered for sale separately from the primary residence?


Do separate utility connections need to be installed for an ADU?


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