GeoComb Homes for The Caribbean

At GeoComb Bahamas Ltd it is our commitment to put people first and to provide practical, healthy and safe living conditions.  We take pleasure, pride and passion in bringing restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation to all Caribbean nations that have suffered tremendously through any natural devastation. Our intention is to bring relief to those nations through our sustainable living initiative. We believe that after any natural disaster the road to recovery should not be complicated. Our solutions are simple, seamless, and most of all budget friendly.

Sustainable homestead


Therefore, GeoComb Bahamas Ltd was founded by Lynette and Jetadiah Bonaby of Nassau, a dynamic husband and wife team, in collaboration with California based GeoComb Homes Inc as a sustainable living supply and service company. We will provide portable and pemanant homes with options for solar poweron, portable water filtration system, and many other commodities optimized for simple sustainable living.