Hurricane Resistant Housing

It is the founding mission of GeoComb Homes to provide for the supply and installation of temporary or semi-permanent resilient and secure homes that serve as permanent housing and relief shelter as needed. We develop products and services optimized to address issues impacting populations and areas from hurricane, flood, fire, and snow load conditions.

For this GeoComb Hurricane Resistant Housing we have partnered with Greenix Panels and SIP Supply plus their world class architectural team to design a beautiful and practical solution that is engineered to withstand wind speeds of at least 155 MPH while maintaining our trademark light weight and easy assembly and disassembly criteria.

We offer in this Model:
1. The fastest and most adaptable high-stress building method that we have developed in collaboration with our Design and Production Partners. We have integrated this model with their proprietary system to blend the Greenix durability and production capacity with our practicality of design into this hand carried, flat packed and storable, adaptable and resilient solution to your ongoing needs for rapid deployment replacement housing in cyclone and hurricane prone regions.
2. Our “Housing as a Service” business model means that we will offer both the housing stock and the option of logistical support to procure, store, deploy, and remove “on demand” our housing which is part of the off grid self sufficient community building infrastructure we have under development. They can be deployed as free-standing emergency shelter with a foundation added later. We offer a range of other models for beautiful high quality homes in addition to these rugged use units.

Our solutions are stylish and highly practical. These are not just a steel box. It requires no crane or heavy machinery to deploy or remove GeoComb Homes. It is simply the best solution to emergency stock pile and critical contingency planning objectives as well as future planning for your home project.

Typical Floor Plans







Images of our products are computer generated except: The Prototype.