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Tiny Living Goes Big Time

We're back from the TinyFest and the excitement is still moving through us from all the great people, creativity and interest in simple living we found there. Our experience is perfectly described by this Instagrammer we met who posted a pic of our mock-up display pieces showing a corner and interlocking post. Her words were echoed by many visitors to our booth.

reclaimedgoodness says:

"My favorite part of was this...of course triangles were involved! @geocombhomes created this genius way to make easy to assemble modular dome structures. Out of all the fancy tiny houses and van life examples to tour, this was most impressive to me. There were a few things I learned/observed yesterday: (1) tiny living is just arriving to the masses. (2) the interest in tiny living is about affordable housing and financial freedom to most. (3) although those are total bonuses to tiny living, little emphasis was put on sustainable lifestyles and reducing carbon footprint. (4) It would be so rad to work in tandem with festivals like this to educate and make it more about the necessity of minimalism to better the health of our planet. Some of the tiny homes were total tiny mansions. Less stuff frees us from the burden of figuring out where to put all of it. Food for Sunday thought..."

It is wonderful hearing so much feedback that GeoComb Homes is The Rapid Shelter System that works well for different kinds of people and many uses. It was important for us to find out that there is such strong interest in GeoComb Homes and Tiny Living, but also very helpful were the great connections we made with the Tiny House and Simple Living Community and vendors. We met with the makers of custom windows, kitchen and bathroom units, and a variety of indoor and outdoor appliances for solar use, water catchment and lots of the accessories that Early Bee pre-sale applicants have requested. It feels good to build the synergy of this community by forming the network for simple living.


Greetings to 79 new subscribers and 9 Early Adopters from TinyFest, and the 14 new subs and 6 EA's from our website, too! Early Adopter Applicants will receive a second Early Bees newsletter that is more focused on your needs and process. Feel free to reply to this email with any questions. We hope you will pass these on to your contacts!

Early Adopter Update

We'll be separating the ADU roll out from the unpermitted backyard components. There are many Early Adopters who need Certified products for permit applications, and others who are satisfied without that label. Therefore we will continue the longer and more costly development process of Certified "tagged" components while starting production of the "uncertified" but nearly identical options sooner. We will be processing the applications beginning this week in these in two parallel groups so that the process of getting State and Federal Certifications does not further delay the group who does not need it.

The minimum amount of Early Adopter Applicants to begin individual consultations and ordering has almost been reached. There's still time to plan a set of components for your Early Adopter Pre-Paid Discount. Fill out that form if you haven't already done so.

New info has been posted at


      James  (805) 708-1059

Going to TinyFest San Diego 2/29-3/1 2020

TinyFest 2020 February 29-March1 San Diego, California. Del Mar FairgroundsTinyFest 2020
February 29-March 1
San Diego, California
Del Mar Fairgrounds

We're taking GeoComb Homes to
TinyFest Celebration of Tiny Living!

This gives us an opportunity to share, learn, and connect with creators of many types of Simple Living solutions. It will be a chance to measure the interest and viability in this community and share Information. Scale Models of core components will be on hand for demonstration. Come enjoy the many good ideas and amazing creations there if you can!

Vendors, food, showcase vehicles and structures, other products.


The TinyFest Celebration is a community of Tiny House builders and lovers plus vendors of many related products and services. TinyFest is built upon showcase events in varios locations around the United States.

We will be in a booth space inside the main building with other vendors and activities on Saturday and Sunday. We are excited to make this an early stop on our Tiny House, ADU, and Alternative Shelter Road Trip!


Thank You Santa Barbara!

Welcome New Subscribers!

Thank you Santa Barbara for showing up to support this vision and making the 2nd Annual Housing Santa Barbara Day a great success. We have received many inquiries with the help of our amazing local friends the Santa Barbara Independent and Santa Barbara City Housing Authority. We are excited to work with the Santa Barbara community to support affordable housing and ADU solutions.

Welcome to all Early Bees and Early Adopter Candidates!  We are looking forward to following up and finding how GeoComb Homes can bring solutions and fulfilment to your housing dreams. The range of uses, settings and visions you have shared definitely shows us how many ways GeoComb Homes can make a difference in many lives with very different situations.

Ideas range from a simple backyard refuge to an intentional rural community to a storable mountain vacation cabin. We certainly love designing GeoComb Homes, but we will enjoy helping you build your dreams the most! Thank you for your part in moving this forward by showing your interest in GeoComb Homes.

We will be reaching out to all of our new Early Bees individually soon to help you bring your vision into sharper focus. We'll get to answer your questions to define the scope and pricing for each Early Adopter order.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Be an Early Bee...



Images of our products are computer generated except: The Prototype.