Relief Shelter and Support

The escalating rates of dislocation and migration of populations due to Climate Disruption, natural disasters, political and social strife, and other hardship are straining the logistics of relief infrastructure.

This will likely continue to worsen for the forseeable future. Current solutions for relief shelter are not designed for creating viable communities with adequate facilities to support recovery of sustainable community. They are instead usually set up as a “holding” location instead of a Life Support Recovery System. Hotel rooms are costly and tent encampments are ucomfortable or not secure. These methods concentrate the displaced population far from their home thereby making rebuilding their housing, community and life more difficult. When they return home, they often still need to repair or build new housing and have lodging while rebuilding.

Solution: GeoComb Shelter Systems (GSS)

GSS will supply and manage set up and logistics for on-demand Shelter as a Service. An Installation and Retrieval Service will provide simple, fast, rugged, and low impact multi-use secure shelter on demand. GSS will provide large scale installation of adaptable panelized weatherproof shelter that is rugged enough for adverse conditions yet easily assembled as needed, and then quickly and cleanly disassembled to be retrieved for transport and reuse. A comprehensive array of water catchmnent, filtration, and reuse, plus infrastructure for food production and localized power components make the critical task of restoring life's basic necessities into an organized, fast, and dignified experience. These units can be assembled into single or multi room dwellings that can become permanent homes for those who choose to skip rebuilding with expensive, outmoded and inadequate materials and methods. Use it for temporory on-site housing for those bebuilding traditionally. A community kitchen array with radiating housing creates an instant community and family support system. This makes GSS ideal for rapid temporary and permanent recovery from many emergency situations. As a shelter system htat has exchangable components so a damaged unit can be easily repaired within hours.