Sustainability Partnerships

 GeoComb Sustainability Partners (GSP) will be organized as a separate non-profit corporation to specifically serve the shelter needs people are facing every year while building up the networks and infrastructure of a sustainable future. Our mission: to make Low Impact Housing For All possible worldwide. We can do this by bringing forth simple, scalable, and sustainable technology for living on this increasingly unpredictable planet. We can go beyond that to cause a game changing shift away from using trees and petroleum in most wood, plastic, glue, paint, and foam based construction materials. A large enough customer demand could help monetize revolutionary materials research, development, and production to initiate and cultivate the hemp fiber and seed sourced supply chain for plywood, OSB, engineered beams, lumber, and many forms of oils and polymers for glue, insulation, paint and more. We want to make biocompatible low impact housing possible.

Carbon sequestration is the best way we can hope to halt or reverse the carbon buildup in the atmosphere that is driving climate disruption. It is a primary critical issue to retain a livable planet. Cutting and monocropping trees for lumber is the least wise resource choice, both in terms of land area and habitat destruction, and the "carbon sequestration index" - how much carbon taken up from the atmosphere per acre per year. By using more hemp and mineral based lumber, insulation, and finishes GeoComb homes is among those helping to find our way to truly sustainable building methods.